Campaign Mechanics & House Rules

Campaign Rules:

<u>Down Time</u>: Downtime will be minimal and wont drag on. If you require time to work on non-plot objectives, then such objectives will be limited to once a ten-day and may include any instance of craft or subplot that can be restrained to a few skill checks within ten days’ time. 

<u>Prime Time</u>: individual player characters will have an advantageous/disadvantageous role during certain adventures and these occurrences will be determined by rolling randomly during adventure creation, and usually framed around character background.

<u>Items/Loot</u>: Items will not commonly be rolled for randomly by the players, but rather won from enemies or discovered along plot based adventure. (NPC’s have items & they will use them to the greatest effect.)

<u>Shared Actions</u>: Shared actions no longer exist for the purposes of controlling creatures or minions, but the number of minions/familiars/summons controllable is limited.


Animal Companions will be given hit points equal to 3/4 the rangers max hp.


Sorcerers will be given one mutable spell slot per day for every five levels they posses with a minimum of 1. This does not add another spell castable per day but rather allows the sorcerer to change one spell they have known to another when their spells are refreshed that spell then reverts back to its original spell known the next time a sorcerer refreshes spells.




<u>Charm/Enchantment:</u> Creatures that make a will save will know they were being charmed/dominated/suggested…etc, but creatures who fail their first saving throw will not remember they were enchanted, but will only remember what occurred in bafflement.

<u>Death Effects:</u> Death effects do not kill creatures but rather put them into a near death state, where they count as being at -1 hp.

<u>Dark vision</u>:

Creatures with dark vision cannot see shadows within the range of their dark vision.


More rules to follow.

Campaign Mechanics & House Rules

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